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The site's primary focus is on providing timely, accurate news and analysis on current events to those in the mortgage and finance industry. In this article, the authors take a look at some of the major news stories affecting the mortgage and finance markets in 2020.

The first topic discussed is the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the mortgage and finance market. The authors note that while the initial economic meltdown was significant, the recovery appears to be taking place at a somewhat faster rate than expected. As such, lenders have been able to remain financially sound, and the mortgage market has been resilient.

The second topic discussed is the trend toward automation in the mortgage industry. Automation has been embraced by many who are looking to streamline processing times and reduce costs. However, the authors caution that this trend brings with it a number of potential risks, including increased cyber threats and compliance issues.

The third topic discussed is the continued growth of e-commerce. With the advent of e-commerce, many businesses have been able to reduce costs while expanding their reach into new markets. However, the authors point out that with this increased ability to reach customers, comes the danger of falling victim to fraud or other malicious activities. They advise companies to take all necessary steps to ensure their security systems are up to date and their payment methods are secure.

The fourth topic discussed is the changing nature of fintech (financial technology). Fintech’s introduction to the banking and finance sector has revolutionized the way people interact with their finances. However, the authors warn that fintech also has the potential to introduce new vulnerabilities into the system. As such, they advise companies to be proactive in examining and addressing potential risks.

The final topic discussed is the increased importance of data security in the modern financial landscape. In the wake of large-scale data breaches, companies are now more aware of the need to protect customer data. Companies are advised to look into measures such as encryption, data loss prevention, and authentication in order to protect themselves and their customers’ data.

In conclusion, this article provides a comprehensive overview of the major trends impacting the mortgage and finance market in 2020. It highlights the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the increasing prevalence of automation, the growth of e-commerce, the implications of fintech, and the heightened importance of data security. These topics demonstrate the rapidly changing nature of the mortgage and finance industry and illustrate the need for businesses to stay abreast of these developments in order to remain successful in the future.

This article was contributed on Nov 14, 2023