People on The Move: September 25 People on the move is a term used to describe individuals who are transitioning from one job or position to another

On September 25, several noteworthy changes occurred in the business and finance fields.

In the banking sector, Keybank promoted Brad Huber to serve as the regional president in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. He became the leader of KeyBank’s commercial banking franchise in the region, serving the state’s clients and leading new business opportunities in the region. This change in leadership should help drive growth and stability for KeyBank as well as its customers.

PennyMac Financial Services announced that Gil Allterman will be joining their executive team as Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Allterman will be responsible for all aspects of the financial operations of PennyMac Financial Services, managing the financial results and oversight for the company. This should help strengthen the company’s financial and operational performance.

In the venture capital world, Rev1 Ventures announced that former AOL Vice President of Corporate Development Robert Masi would become a Venture Partner at the firm. His expertise in the venture capital sector and in-depth experience in the tech industry made him an ideal fit for the firm. He will join the team that advises entrepreneurs on their business strategies and connects them with the right resources.

KPMG also announced several major updates, most notably that Pam Kostka has been promoted to Lead Partner for the firm's Advisory Practice. In this role, she will lead the firm's digital transformation and innovation initiatives. Kostka has additional experience leading clients through Business Management Consultation, Customer Experience Strategies, and Process Improvement, among other facets. This appointment should help bolster KPMG's presence in the industry.

Those within the public accounting field should also take note of recent developments at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). They recently appointed Donna Farrar as their new Assurance Director. In the position, she will lead the AICPA’s assurance programs, promoting risk assessment and overall quality control.

This summary of People on the Move provides insight into five major changes occurring within the banking, venture capital, and accounting sectors. The first update discussed was the promotion of Brad Huber to Regional President of KeyBank, where he will be responsible for leading the commercial banking franchise in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Following that, PennyMac Financial Services welcomed Gil Allterman as Chief Financial Officer, whose experience in the financial sector should help strengthen operations at the firm. Rev1 Ventures added Robert Masi to their team as a Venture Partner, leveraging his expertise in the venture capital space and tech industry. At KPMG, Pam Kostka has been promoted to Lead Partner for the firm's Advisory Practice, overseeing digital transformation and innovation initiatives. Lastly, the AICPA hired Donna Farrar as their Assurance Director, giving her the responsibility of managing risk assessment and quality control measures. These changes in personnel all demonstrate a commitment to driving growth, stability, and performance across the banking, venture capital, and accounting sectors.

This article was contributed on Aug 12, 2023