Quicken Loans has been ramping up its Super Bowl marketing efforts in recent years and this year is no different

Quicken Loans has been ramping up its Super Bowl marketing efforts in recent years and this year is no different

The Detroit-based mortgage lender is upping the ante with its involvement in the big game; not only is the company running multiple advertisements, it’s also helping to drive an unprecedented level of consumer engagement through interactive experiences and social media campaigns.

At the heart of Quicken Loans’ Super Bowl marketing strategy is an approach that combines traditional marketing tactics with the power of digital and social media. The company is taking advantage of its robust online presence to reach consumers in a variety of ways.

First, Quicken Loans is utilizing Twitter and Facebook to create engaging conversations with consumers. Through these platforms, the company is able to generate real-time feedback from viewers about their Super Bowl commercials as well as their thoughts on other aspects of the game. This direct engagement with consumers allows Quicken Loans to quickly respond to how customers are reacting to their ads and adjust their messaging accordingly.

In addition, Quicken Loans is leveraging video content to build an even stronger connection with viewers. The company is creating an array of promotional videos which feature celebrities such as NFL player Tom Brady and musician Snoop Dogg. These videos are designed to help viewers understand the features and benefits of the company’s products and services in an entertaining and informative way.

Finally, Quicken Loans is also leveraging its own website and app to create interactive experiences for viewers. Visitors to the site can take advantage of special offers and discounts, watch exclusive interviews with celebrities, and even enter sweepstakes for Super Bowl ticket giveaways. Through these experiences, Quicken Loans is helping to drive an unparalleled level of consumer engagement with the company.

Overall, Quicken Loans’ strategy for the 2021 Super Bowl has been built around leveraging both traditional and digital tactics. By utilizing the power of social media and video content, the company has been able to create an engaging relationship with viewers. In addition, the use of its own website and app has allowed Quicken Loans to offer exclusive experiences for customers that have helped drive an unprecedented level of engagement. Taken together, all of these tactics have created a comprehensive and powerful Super Bowl marketing campaign that will continue to draw in viewers and further elevate the company’s profile.

Quicken Loans, a Detroit-based mortgage lender, has upped the ante with their marketing strategy for the 2021 Super Bowl. Taking traditional marketing tactics and combining them with the power of digital and social media, the company is creating engaging conversations with viewers via Twitter and Facebook, leveraging video content to promote their products and services, and offering exclusive experiences through their website and app. Through these initiatives, Quicken Loans is driving unprecedented levels of consumer engagement and elevating their profile in the process.

This article was contributed on Dec 01, 2023