Mortgage Investors Group MIG recently reveled in a complete makeover of their branding

Mortgage Investors Group MIG recently reveled in a complete makeover of their branding

To accompany this change in aesthetic, MIG has also made some impressive changes to their mortgage lending practices. With an ambitious and innovative approach, MIG is poised to remain a leader in the competitive landscape of mortgage lending.

MIG is a regional mortgage lender based in Tennessee with branches in nine states across the Southeast. In addition to this wide reach, MIG’s strong customer service has helped them gain a loyal and growing customer base. To build upon this success, MIG relaunched their brand in April 2019, giving it a fresh new look and feel.

The rebranding efforts included a new logo, website, and other marketing materials. According to MIG’s president, David Moffatt, the rebranding effort was to “communicate our commitment to providing confidence and clarity for the journey of home ownership.” Indeed, the new look has proven successful as evidenced by the overwhelmingly positive response from customers and partners.

To support this new image, MIG has launched several new initiatives to ensure they remain competitive in the mortgage industry. The first of these is MIG’s expanded loan programs. These include FHA, VA, USDA, and Conventional loans, as well as other niche products such as Construction and Renovation loans. These programs offer borrowers a wide variety of options to find the best loan solution for their needs.

In addition, MIG has introduced new technology that makes the loan process easier and more efficient. For example, MIG’s proprietary Onboarding System allows borrowers to securely upload all documents needed throughout the loan process online. Additionally, MIG’s Underwriting Collaboration System enables borrowers and loan officers to communicate directly in real-time, ensuring that the loan process remains on track and any issues are dealt with quickly.

Finally, MIG has also implemented new training practices to ensure their loan officers focus on customer service. This includes weekly video meetings, customer service surveys, and customer feedback sessions. All of these practices work together to provide borrowers with an improved experience.

Overall, MIG’s rebranding and new technological and training initiatives have positioned the company to continue to maintain their strong foothold in the mortgage industry. From expanded loan programs to improved customer service, MIG has taken the initiative to ensure they offer the best possible services to their customers. With the new branding and improved loan process, MIG is set to be a major player in mortgage lending going forward.

This article was contributed on Nov 01, 2023