Kevin OLeary the co-founder of OLeary Mortgages and a professional investor on the CBC show Dragons Den has recently released a statement to Canadian Mortgage Trends regarding the importance of mortgages and mortgage brokers when it comes to responsible b

In his statement, O’Leary outlines his perspective on the current mortgage market in Canada. According to Kevin, Canadians should focus not only on finding the lowest rate possible, but also on understanding and managing their debts in a responsible manner. He believes that leveraging debt is a critical part of achieving financial success, but that this must be done with caution and sound strategy.

O’Leary says that in order to make the most informed decision about getting a mortgage, Canadians should seek the help of a qualified mortgage broker. He argues that when it comes to something as complex and important as mortgages, a broker can offer superior knowledge and experience than consumers trying to do it alone. O’Leary also emphasizes the importance of getting a fixed rate mortgage and paying the principal early, which can help save the borrower money in the long run.

In conclusion, Kevin O’Leary’s statement to Canadian Mortgage Trends provides an insightful look into the world of mortgages. He places particular emphasis on the need for Canadians to understand the risks and rewards of debt, and to take advantage of the knowledge and experiences of a qualified mortgage broker to ensure they are making the best decisions possible. O’Leary also highlights the need for consumers to pursue a fixed-rate mortgage and pay the principal early in order to save money in the long run. All of these points illustrate O’Leary’s emphasis on responsible borrowing, and his belief that educated and well-considered decisions about mortgages can be a key factor in achieving financial success.

This article was contributed on Oct 23, 2023