Cloudvirga a technology company focused on automating the mortgage process recently announced the acquisition of Stewart Information Services

Stewart is a real estate services firm offering appraisal and title insurance services. The acquisition will expand Cloudvirga's services to include an additional range of products and services, and will also bring greater efficiency to the mortgage origination process across multiple sectors including banking, brokerage, and independent loan officers.

The acquisition provides Cloudvirga with access to a variety of technology-driven services, such as online home purchase tools, digital title searches, smart lending systems, and block chain solutions. In addition, it offers Cloudvirga potential cost savings by reducing administrative and operational costs. The integration of the two companies' technologies will also allow Cloudvirga to increase customer satisfaction with faster response times, improved accuracy, and better service.

The agreement will bring together the best of both companies, allowing them to leverage the strengths of each organization. This includes Stewart's expertise in title insurance, closing services, and title solutions. With Cloudvirga's well-established software for streamlining the origination and processing of mortgages, the newly combined entity will be well-positioned to provide lenders with an end-to-end system for loan origination and servicing.

One of the goals of the transaction is to equip customers with a more comprehensive set of tools and services. In addition to this enhanced offering, the deal will also provide Stewart’s partners with a better user experience. Cloudvirga’s customer base consists of 24 of the top 50 mortgage lenders in the U.S., representing over $1 trillion in annual originations. The addition of Stewart will provide these customers with even more choice and flexibility when it comes to the origination process.

The acquisition of Stewart bolsters Cloudvirga’s technology offering and will enable the company to deliver an end-to-end digital mortgage origination solution to its customers. It will provide access to digital title services, appraisal tools, and smart lending systems, while also reducing manual processes and streamlining operations. The combination of technologies from both companies will give lenders a powerful platform to automate loan origination, improve customer experience, increase efficiency, and reduce capital outlay. This effort will also help lenders to remain competitive in today’s quickly evolving mortgage market.

In summary, Cloudvirga’s acquisition of Stewart Information Services provides an opportunity to leverage the strengths of both companies in order to gain a competitive edge in the mortgage industry. Cloudvirga will benefit from access to Stewart's digital title services, appraisal tools, and smart lending systems, while Stewart will be able to leverage Cloudvirga's existing customer base and leading software solutions to automate loan origination. Together, the two companies will be able to offer lenders a comprehensive end-to-end digital mortgage origination solution, enabling them to respond quickly and remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

This article was contributed on Oct 23, 2023