Mateo and Ale are a young couple living in the Bay Area having recently moved from Mexico

Mateo and Ale are a young couple living in the Bay Area having recently moved from Mexico

They decided Better was the best option for them when looking for a home loan. Mateo and Ale faced many challenges during the process. They needed to make sure their credit scores were good enough and also had to explain their finances in detail, which included providing documents like bank statements, balances, and income declarations. After months of hard work, they were finally able to get approved for their loan and close on their dream home.

Mateo and Ale's story highlights the struggles that many immigrants face when looking for a home loan. Many times, they lack a steady income or consistent credit history, making them ineligible for more traditional loan programs. Because of this, many immigrants feel like they don't have access to the same opportunities as others.

However, Better was able to provide Mateo and Ale with the support they needed. The company's loan advisers worked closely with the couple to understand their needs and make sure all of their paperwork was up to par. Additionally, Better allowed them to use savings from their 401K to cover closing costs, which is something not many lenders allow. This allowed Mateo and Ale to close on their home without the fear of being denied.

Mateo and Ale's journey shows that even in the face of difficulty, it's still possible for immigrants to achieve their dreams of homeownership. There are plenty of obstacles that can stand in the way of this, but there are also plenty of resources available to help overcome them. Companies like Better are paving the way for immigrants to access the same opportunities that everyone else has. By paying attention to their unique needs and providing assistance throughout the process, these companies make the dream of homeownership a reality when it would otherwise seem impossible.

Mateo and Ale's story demonstrates that immigrants can reach their goals of owning a home with the help of the right resources. Companies such as Better provide a level of service and support that may not be available elsewhere. They ensure that the process is as smooth as possible for those seeking to purchase a home. With the help of experts who have knowledge about the specific struggles that immigrants face, more and more people are achieving their dreams of homeownership.

Mateo and Ale's story offers hope and inspiration to other immigrants who may be facing similar obstacles. Their experience shows that it is possible to own a home, even if it may seem difficult or unattainable. With the right resources and support, anyone can become a homeowner.

This article was contributed on Nov 13, 2023