How to avoid Medicare fraud in Texas during open enrollment

During the Medicare open enrollment period, which runs from October 15 to December 7, four million Texans can purchase, transfer, or drop insurance. Scammers will also be active, you can bet on it. Follow these advice to prevent becoming a victim:

Be aware of unforeseen visits or calls.
If you don't call Medicare first, they won't call you or try to sell you a plan over the phone. If someone calls out of the blue claiming to be from Medicare, be wary. Medicare will never visit your home or ring your doorbell.

Take attention with the details of your finances.
Give no one who calls you your Medicare, Social Security, credit card, or bank account information. Never provide this information over the phone to companies that provide Medicare coverage.

Make a list when purchasing a plan.
Record any conversations you have with the firm on the benefits of the plan when you're ready to purchase one. If you are unable to record it, make a note of the speaker's name, the occasion, what they said, and any suggested next steps.

Other advice: Watch out for anyone who attempts to induce you to make a rapid purchase or offers you a present.
Do not change your coverage due to pressure. You don't need to take any action during open enrollment if you enjoy your current plan and it isn't being discontinued.

This article was contributed on Aug 02 2022