The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP) has recently announced an effort to expand its online educational resources to benefit mortgage professionals

This initiative includes the addition of 17 new online courses, as well as other enhancements that aim to make the learning experience more streamlined and effective. This article looks at the new features and discusses how they will benefit mortgage brokers and other industry professionals.

The most notable of the 17 new courses is the CAAMP online “Certification in Mortgage Brokering” program. This comprehensive program consists of 15 individual modules and aims to provide mortgage professionals with a more detailed understanding of the industry and the regulations surrounding it. The program also covers topics such as mortgage fraud, client relations, and legal responsibilities. Upon completion, participants can earn their Certified Mortgage Professional (CMP) designation and use it to distinguish themselves from competitors in the marketplace.

In addition to the 15 modules of the CMP course, CAAMP has also added two additional courses entitled “Business Planning” and “Small Business Management”. These programs are aimed at helping mortgage brokers increase their business knowledge and skills needed to run a successful mortgage brokerage. Finally, CAAMP offers the “Marketplace Awareness Program” which provides essential information on the changing landscape of the mortgage industry and the opportunities available within it.

Along with the new courses, CAAMP has also implemented several changes designed to enhance the online learning experience. For example, participants have the option to enroll into multiple courses at once, meaning they can complete their CMP course along with the other two additional studies simultaneously. Also, CAAMP is now offering flexible payment options to make it easier for participants to pay for the courses. Furthermore, CAAMP has created a streamlined registration process that allows students to enter their information quickly and get started right away.

Overall, these new online educational resources provided by CAAMP are designed to help the mortgage industry by providing professionals with further education and a way to stand out amongst competitors. The CMP course in particular is beneficial as it provides an extensive overview of the industry and its regulations, while the other two courses focused on business skills can assist mortgage brokers in building their businesses further. In addition, the new features implemented to enhance the online learning experience make the courses much more accessible and user-friendly. These changes should go a long way in helping mortgage professionals gain a better understanding of the industry and acquire the skills necessary to thrive in today’s competitive market.

This article was contributed on Sep 21, 2023