Virtual open houses and tours have become an increasingly popular option for real estate agents especially during the COVID-19 pandemic

This approach offers a cost-effective way for prospective home buyers to view a property from a distance and helps agents comply with social distancing measures.

Virtual tours allow agents to showcase properties to potential buyers without having to coordinate a in-person meeting. Through a virtual tour, agents can communicate with buyers more directly by providing an online walkthrough of the property. In doing so, agents can give an all-encompassing tour that covers each room of the house, as well as any outdoor elements or landscaping features that are included in the purchase. In addition, virtual tours provide an easy way for agents to answer questions posed by the buyer throughout the tour without having to wait until the end of the viewing.

This type of virtual house viewing is becoming increasingly popular among buyers and real estate agents alike. As people practice social distancing, virtual tours provide a convenient way for buyers to get familiar with the layout of the home and find out more information about the neighborhood. Similarly, real estate agents benefit from the use of virtual house tours because they can continue to market their listings to people who cannot make it to an actual viewing. While traditional open houses could potentially expose agents and buyers to large crowds, virtual tours offer a safer and more efficient way to inspect a property.

In addition to virtual tours, many agents are incorporating other digital tools into their marketing strategies. These tools include 360° photos, interactive floor plans, video tours, and 3D walkthroughs. All of these additions further enhance the virtual house tour experience and make it easier to view a property in detail from a distance.

Real estate agents are also looking for ways to streamline the application process. For example, agents are offering digital applications and other documents to buyers so that they can submit their information remotely. This is an important step since many lenders are still requiring borrowers to submit the same paperwork as they would in person. By utilizing digital documents, agents can make the application process smoother and more compatible with the current health climate.

Overall, virtual open houses and tours are a necessary adaptation for real estate agents during the COVID-19 pandemic. By utilizing virtual tools, agents can better showcase properties to buyers while still following social distancing guidelines. Furthermore, these tools enable agents to continue marketing their listings and streamline the application process for buyers. Although agents may miss the in-person house viewings, virtual tours provide an effective way for real estate agents to adapt their services during this time.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way real estate agents conduct business, virtual open houses and tours have become a key element for the industry. This technology is enabling individuals to view homes while maintaining safe social distances and provides agents with a cost-efficient way to market their listings. Through the use of 360° photos, interactive floor plans, video tours, and 3D walkthroughs, agents are able to give buyers a comprehensive overview of each property. In addition, agents are also offering digital applications and document submission to streamline the purchasing process. Overall, virtual open houses and tours have allowed real estate agents to remain competitive while adapting to the new health guidelines.

This article was contributed on Oct 23, 2023