Vantage Mortgage Group recently released their 2022 Summer Newsletter highlighting the services they offer and recent updates about the company

They are an industry leader in global mortgage transactions, committed to providing excellent customer service and developing innovative approaches to navigating the ever-changing mortgage market.

Vantage Mortgage Group have taken a proactive approach to addressing current market conditions, ensuring their services remain at the highest standards for both clients and brokers. As part of their commitment, Vantage Mortgage Group provides access to specialized services such as finding the best rates, calculating loan-to-value ratios, and access to approved lenders with competitive terms.

Vantage Mortgage Group also offers a range of attractive lending solutions tailored to specific needs. Their lending products are designed to help clients save time and money, while also providing them with the flexibility that they require. The loan products available include fixed rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages, portfolio loans, and special loan programs for first-time home buyers, veterans, rural home-buyers, and others. Furthermore, their expertise extends to home equity lines of credit and refinancing.

The most recent addition to their services is the Vantage Mortgage Group Online Portal, designed to provide a secure, user-friendly experience for clients when submitting documents online. With this system, clients can review and submit documents directly to their broker or lender of choice. Additionally, this also allows the broker or lender to track the progress of the loan process and communicate any changes quickly and efficiently.

One of the main reasons for Vantage Mortgage Group’s success is their dedication to forming strong relationships with clients and brokers. They are committed to providing personalized, professional assistance when it comes to helping clients find the right financing solution. Their commitment to customer service and innovation also makes them a leader in the global mortgage market.

Overall, Vantage Mortgage Group has established itself as a trusted name in the mortgage industry due to its commitment to excellence and innovation. They offer a wide array of services and financing solutions to meet the needs of individual clients and brokers alike. Their recent addition of the Online Portal allows for a streamlined, secure, and convenient way for clients to submit documents. By forming meaningful relationships with both its clients and brokers, Vantage Mortgage Group has proven that it is one of the top mortgage companies in the business.

This article was contributed on Nov 07, 2023