The trend of adult children moving back home with their parents is on the rise in the United States

This growing phenomenon has been attributed to a variety of factors such as economic distress, delayed marriage, and cultural shifts. These trends are concerning for those who are concerned about financial instability and the affording of major life expenses.

Economic Stress

In today's increasingly expensive economy, young adults may not be able to afford to move out of their parents' homes or live on their own. The cost of renting an apartment, paying for utilities, groceries, etc. can be daunting for someone starting out in their career. Additionally, soaring student loan debt is making it difficult for many young adults to establish themselves financially. To make matters worse, wages have not kept up with inflation, meaning that people may be working longer hours for less pay. As a result, many young adults are opting to stay at home rather than taking on the financial responsibility of living on their own.

Delayed Marriage

Another factor that has led to more adult children returning home to their parents is delayed marriage. Marriage rates have been steadily declining over the past few decades, particularly among young people. Marriage is often seen as a milestone for independence, but when it is delayed, the traditional idea of leaving home may also be delayed. This is especially true for those who are unmarried and do not have children. They may find it more beneficial to stay at home with their parents rather than sharing an apartment with friends or taking on the financial burden of going solo.

Cultural Shifts

Finally, culture and attitudes toward living at home have shifted in recent years. The stigma associated with staying at home with one's parents has decreased, making it more acceptable for adult children to stay with their parents. This is especially true among millennials, as they are more likely to view living with their parents as part of their personal identity, rather than a source of shame or embarrassment. Furthermore, many millennials have grown up in a world where technology and social media are pervasive, making it easier for them to network and find jobs, even while living at home.


As more young adults move back home with their parents, there is an increased need for families to discuss potential changes to their finances and lifestyle. Adult children moving home can bring both positives and negatives, and it is important to consider all sides before making any decisions. Parents should also take into consideration how their adult children will adjust to their new living arrangements, and what sort of support and assistance they may need during this transition.

Overall, the trend of adult children moving back home is indicative of broader changes in today’s economic and social landscape. As the cost of living rises and wages stagnate, it may become increasingly difficult for young adults to live on their own. Furthermore, delayed marriage and changing cultural norms mean that staying at home may become more common among young adults. Therefore, it is important to consider all aspects of this trend so that families can make informed decisions that will benefit them in the long-run.

This article was contributed on Oct 19, 2023