Not The Time For A 10 Year Fixed Mortgage As interest rates continue to remain low, many homeowners are now considering the option of taking out a 10-year fixed mortgage

While this can offer some security, there are several other factors to consider before making this commitment.

The most significant disadvantage of a 10 year fixed mortgage is the inflexibility it carries. It ties the homeowner into the same interest rate and payment amount for the entire term of the loan, meaning that if rates drop later on, the homeowner would still have to pay the same amount for the duration of the loan. This could end up costing the homeowners thousands more than they would be paying if the rate was variable. Moreover, if the homeowner needs extra funds or wants to pay down the mortgage at any point during the term of the loan, it could also result in hefty penalties.

Another thing to consider is that the current interest rates are much lower than they were before and may not remain so for the next 10 years. Taking out a 10 year fixed mortgage now means locking in today’s rate for the entire term which might end up costing the homeowner more if rates increase in the future. Furthermore, if interest rates continue to stay low, borrowers might be forgoing the opportunity to benefit from the potential savings they could get from shorter terms.

Lastly, a 10 year fixed mortgage may not be the right choice for everyone. Generally, those who are nearing retirement age or those that plan to stay in their homes for the long term may be better suited for this type of loan. However, if the homeowners move within the 10-year period, they may end up owing more on the loan than what their home is worth.

In conclusion, although a 10 year fixed mortgage may provide security to those who choose to take it out, it is still wise to weigh the alternatives before committing to such a loan. Homeowners should carefully consider their personal financial goals and objectives, as well as the current and future market trends. Due to the current low-interest rate environment and the inflexibility of a 10 year fixed loan, it may be wiser to opt for a shorter term with a variable or adjustable rate mortgage. Ultimately, homeowners need to assess their individual circumstances and determine if this type of loan is best suited to their needs.

This article was contributed on Jun 28, 2023