Movement Mortgage recently announced a major new partnership with Florida Lending Group, tapping David Sheirs to better serve the South Florida market

The partnership marks an important step in Movement's ongoing commitment to providing homebuyers and homeowners with access to competitive financing solutions, simplifying and streamlining the home buying process.

The Florida Lending Group, founded by David Sheirs, is a full-service mortgage and loan origination firm that provides customers with comprehensive financing solutions to meet their home buying needs. With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Sheirs has built a strong reputation for delivering exemplary customer service, outstanding product selection, and competitive rates.

Sheirs' expertise will help ensure that Movement Mortgage is able to offer high quality, tailored products specifically designed for customers in the South Florida region. With this additional support, Movement Mortgage can provide customers with a more personalized customer experience and more options when it comes to choosing financing solutions.

The partnership between Movement Mortgage and the Florida Lending Group marks an important milestone in Movement's commitment to providing customers with access to competitive financing solutions. This also marks a significant step towards Movement's goal of simplifying the home buying process, making it easier for customers to make informed decisions about their financial futures.

With the help of David Sheirs and the Florida Lending Group, Movement Mortgage is now well-positioned to serve the South Florida region with greater efficiency, better product selection, and a more personalized customer experience. With this new partnership, customers in the area can now access the best of what Movement has to offer–a reliable, competitive, and streamlined homebuying experience.

Movement Mortgage, a top U.S. mortgage lender, recently announced their new partnership with Florida Lending Group, created by David Sheirs. This move provides clients across the South Florida area with access to competitive financing solutions, simplifying the home buying process. David Sheirs, an experienced professional with over 20 years of mortgage industry experience, will be spearheading the new venture.

Through this partnership, Movement Mortgage is able to offer more comprehensive services to its customers. Customers benefit from tailored products designed to meet their specific needs, more options to choose from, and a more personalized customer experience. Additionally, Sheirs' expertise allows the company to streamline the home buying process even further. As a result, homebuyers are able to make informed decisions concerning their finances.

This collaboration reinforces Movement Mortgage's mission of providing customers with access to services that simplify the home buying process. By offering a reliable, competitive, and streamlined experience, the company is continuing to show its commitment to helping people achieve their dream of owning a home. With David Sheirs on board, Movement Mortgage's growth in the South Florida area is bound to continue.

This article was contributed on Jul 01, 2023