MIG Market Watch June 13th 2016 is a weekly review of the stock markets across the world

MIG Market Watch June 13th 2016 is a weekly review of the stock markets across the world

The article explores the factors that drove the US and other international markets during the week of June 13th as well as the overall performance of the market. It also examines the next steps investors should be taking to increase their profits.

The US markets saw strong growth during the week, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average increasing by 2.4%, the S&P 500 gaining 1.8%, and the NASDAQ going up by 2.1%. These were mainly due to strong earnings reports from companies like Apple and Microsoft, as well as a positive outlook for the economy in general. International markets also performed well, with Euro Stoxx 50 increasing by 1.5% and Nikkei 225 up by 1%.

The US Dollar also experienced a strong week, which was driven by positive economic data. This included better-than-expected employment numbers, as well as inflation and consumer confidence data. The Euro also saw a boost, as it was supported by the prospects of further European Central Bank stimulus measures.

Oil prices ended the week lower as rising inventories outweighed concerns over volatility in Iraq and Nigeria. Gold prices were also down slightly as a result of stronger US data.

Turning to the coming week, investors should keep an eye on the Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates. It is expected that the Fed will raise its target rate, which could result in increased volatility in the markets. Additionally, investors should watch out for the release of inflation data as this could impact the markets. Furthermore, corporate earnings reports will provide insight into the health of the US economy.

In conclusion, MIG Market Watch June 13th, 2016 was a favorable week for the markets, with all major indices posting gains. The US Dollar also gained strength due to positive economic data. Oil and gold prices were down slightly but should be watched closely in the coming week. Finally, investors should keep an eye on the Fed’s decision on interest rates as well as other economic data releases as this could affect the markets. Taking these factors into account, investors should use the right strategies to maximize their profits.

This article was contributed on Nov 24, 2023