More and more homebuyers are taking their furry friends into consideration when making a purchase

Pets have become an important factor in property purchases, with buyers considering not only the location and price but also pet-friendly features like proximity to pet stores, large yards, and pet fees.

The decision to bring a pet into the home has become increasingly popular over the years. According to a survey conducted by LendEDU, 76% of respondents said that they have considered bringing a pet into their home at some point during their housing search. Of those who decided against getting a pet, 59% said it was because it was too expensive or difficult to find a pet-friendly living situation.

To accommodate for this growing demand, many landlords and sellers are now offering pet-friendly amenities. These can include everything from special pet-friendly sections of the building or complex to building pet services and amenities such as dog-walking services or pet-sitting services. Additionally, some landlords are now even offering pet fee discounts or even waiving pet fees altogether.

In addition to the amenities landlords and sellers are offering to make pet-friendly living situations easier for pet owners, buyers are also taking into account other factors when considering a property purchase. Factors like proximity to pet stores and large yards can be important in making a decision of whether or not to bring a pet into the home.

The proliferation of pet-friendly amenities, coupled with buyers’ increased consideration of their four-legged family members, has led to an increase in housing purchases where pets are a factor. The need for pet-friendly housing is here to stay and, as such, sellers and landlords must adjust their offerings accordingly in order to meet the demands of pet owners.

For those considering purchasing a home with pets in mind, the key is to do your research. Consider what kinds of pet-friendly amenities exist in the area, including discounts on pet fees or special pet services, and look for properties that have a large yard or are close to pet stores or veterinarian offices.

This article discusses the rising trend of buyers taking their pets into consideration when purchasing a home. It discusses the various pet-friendly amenities many landlords and sellers are now offering, such as pet fee discounts or pet walking services. It also mentions the importance of proximity to pet stores and large yards for potential buyers with pets. Lastly, it offers advice for buyers considering making a purchase with pets in mind, emphasizing the importance of researching pet-friendly amenities in the area and looking for properties with large yards or close to pet stores. Overall, pets are becoming an increasingly important factor in the purchasing process of homes, and sellers and landlords are adjusting their offerings accordingly to accommodate for this need.

This article was contributed on Oct 17, 2023